House Kitchen and Bar, Coral Gables, FL

Opened by the creators of Town Kitchen & Bar in South Miami, HOUSE Bar & Restaurant is located in the Colonnade Hotel in the heart of Coral Gables. The restaurant inherited a great space as well as some sound equipment.  The restaurant has four separate zones each with a distinct purpose: a bar/DJ booth, a dining room, a private event room, and an outdoor area. HOUSE’s goal was to have the ability to give guests a different vibe in each of the restaurant’s four zones and to control all of the audio and visual from one source.

In the bar, Midtown Video connected the DJ booth to the audio infrastructure and mounted two 49” monitors.  Two more 49” monitors were mounted in the outside area. That part was pretty straightforward.

The main challenge was the private event room.  HOUSE Kitchen & Bar wanted their private event room to be multipurpose, so it could accommodate, say, a corporate business presentation luncheon as well as an anniversary party.  The order here was for Midtown Video to configure the room with an audio and video system that was user-friendly and could appear and disappear as needed.

Midtown Video’s installation team mounted a projector to the ceiling and installed a motorized, easily retractable projector screen, so it’s out of sight when not in use. They also installed an auto-sensing HDMI/VGA wall plate where guests can plug in their device to project to the screen and play music from their personal music source (iPad, iPhone, etc.).  HOUSE Kitchen & Bar General Manager, Dan Cahill, reports that this “ease of access alleviates a lot of pressure that can come with hosting private events.”

To control the AV system, Midtown Video provided a Key Digital 8×8 HDMI Matrix switcher and a Crestron 12/x Audio DSP, which routes all video and audio sources to the zone of their choosing. Video sources include four cable boxes, a laptop, and a USB drive for the projector, and whatever customers bring to the table. Any of these sources can be played on any of the video displays.  Also, any audio source (Pandora, Cable Boxes, Laptop Plate, DJ booth, or 3.5mm jack for iPhone) can be played in any of the four speaker zones throughout the restaurant.

One of the best parts of this installation is that the entire system can be controlled from an iPad, which Midtown Video outfitted with a customized app programed specifically for HOUSE’s needs. Dan concurs, “We’re happy with it. The system is very convenient and great for our business.”  He adds, “Everyone at Midtown Video was great helping us get acclimated to it.”

Now, HOUSE Kitchen & Bar can set a different mood and tone in each zone.  Management has the flexibility to turn on a Heat game by the bar while the DJ spins music and play jazz music in the dining area, while a private event looks at a slideshow or boogies on down at a disco party…all from the touch of an iPad.

HOUSE Kitchen & Bar
180 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL  33134

Managed by Q, NYC

With offices in NYC, LA, San Francisco, and Chicago, Managed by Q wanted a partner to help them turn a multipurpose space in their NYC office into a room equipped for video conferencing and all-hands-on-deck meetings that could be streamed from New York to their other locations. Video conferencing is a great tool for geographically-diverse companies to keep the lines of communication flowing between offices thousands of miles apart.  The only caveat and challenge in this case was that the multipurpose room remain multipurpose, so it  could transform from a video conferencing room into a room suitable for lunch presentations or group meditation or other activities.


Our biggest challenge was creating a solution that would fit Managed by Q’s unique mobile needs.  To make this happen, Midtown Video designed a break-away system that fit neatly into two mobile carts and a custom patch panel so the carts could easily be connected to speakers and video connections.  Each cart contains rack equipment as well as a ClearOne Unite 200 camera and a 70-inch display monitor. In addition, two Audio Technica wireless lavalier microphones and two wireless handheld mics were provided for amplifying the sound within the room and to reach audiences through the video conference.  Audio reinforcement was provided with six JBL Straight Line Array Column speakers and two Crown Amplifiers.


Lastly, Midtown Video provided a camera for the CEO of Managed by Q so he can record company-wide addresses from his office, as well as a Matrox Monarch Lecture Capture Device to enable on-demand viewing.

Of the job, Managed by Q’s Senior Manager (IT), Helena Chestnut, says: “Jesse [at Midtown Video] found a solution that accomplished all the things we were looking for in an event space. Jesse has a “we can do” attitude. No matter the obstacle or the last-minute need, he took care of it.”  She adds, “Project management to assessment of hardware & cost negotiations to the installation took two weeks from start to finish. We were impressed as to what they could accomplish in a few weeks. It was a great experience.”

Managed by Q’s meetings are now streamlined and streamable. Their multipurpose room can now be used for any intention, whether to detail (and celebrate) the company’s progress or to create a sea of “om”s for its employees. Says Managed by Q’s IT Analyst Ken Thompson, “The system is amazing.  All I do is turn it on, and it works.”

GE Digital, Miami, FL

GE Digital is living up to their name.  As they moved into sleek new offices in Coconut Grove, FL to expand their Industrial Internet of Things services to worldwide customers, Midtown Video was hired to seamlessly connect audio-video collaborative systems in 9 work spaces.

Begin your visit with smart digital signage as you enter the reception area. Then meet your contact in one of four conference rooms equipped with large screen displays; Cisco SX 80 video conferencing codec and cameras; and ceiling mounted mics and speakers. Two of the rooms have the Cisco TelePresence SpeakerTrack 60, an unparalleled dual-camera system that can track and zoom-in on a speaking participant in real time. This provides a life-like experience, the next best thing to being physically present. In any one of these meeting rooms you can connect with colleagues next door or across the globe and have a face to face discussion, virtually speaking.

Lunch time – have a bite to eat in the work-café or breakroom and share your meeting notes using the Barco ClickShare wireless system and wall mounted screens.  It allows you to share your laptop or mobile device on a main presentation screen, no cables necessary. More meetings after lunch followed by cybernetic excitement in the gaming suite where two X-Boxes and extra-large monitors help you process, compete, and refresh.  A little “fun” break to encourage the team.

Working closely with Blue Wave Communications cabling contractors, Midtown Video was able to deliver all systems on time and in budget.

About GE Digital:

GE Digital connects streams of machine data to powerful analytics and people, providing industrial companies with valuable insights to manage assets and operations more efficiently. World-class talent and software capabilities help drive digital industrial transformation for big gains in productivity, availability and longevity.

In Miami, GE will expand its existing presence to support the company’s growth in Latin America by attracting up-and-coming tech talent with language skills. “That’s what this move is all about for us: the talent,” GE CTO Chris Drumgoole says. “The ability to attract and retain it — that’s why we’re going to a number of sites, not just one.”

Kobre & Kim, Miami, FL

Kobre & Kim, the go-to intercontinental law firm specializing in disputes and investigations, faces unique challenges in coordinating resources from multiple global offices. IT Analyst Cardell Graham enlisted Midtown Video to build three dedicated video teleconferencing boardrooms on the 19th floor of their downtown Miami offices. The goal was to create an atmosphere where international attorneys and staff could share information efficiently.

Early in the integration process, Midtown Video’s technical team realized that preserving and featuring the esthetics of the workspace was as critical to the success of the project as providing state of the art technology. In the largest 24- seat conference room, the user-friendly Crestron 3-Series processor drives the system. A Sony 4K Ultra HD large screen display and Lifesize video processors and cameras provide high quality video imaging. Using Clearone Beamformer microphones insure clear audio from anywhere in the room. Similar solutions are installed in two smaller “war” rooms for meetings and depositions.

The offices are now staged for on camera consultations with no room for imperfection in the elegant workplace nor glitches in the video conferencing exchange. With offices throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean, collaboration is a breeze and travel not required.

Lennar, Doral, Florida


Planar 9850-ERO

Lennar, headquartered in Florida, is one of the nation’s leading homebuilders with communities in eighteen U.S. markets. With such a large footprint, having a top tier conferencing suite was in order. We’ve worked with Lennar many times in the past, including installing video monitoring in their Network Operations Center. So when they were ready to upgrade their teleconferencing and collaborationabilities, they called us.

The newly renovated wing of Lennar corporate headquarters has a suite of four conference rooms. Account executive Chari Hill toured the offices with Charles Jewett, I.S. Manager to map out the upgrade strategy including equipment needed, room design and installation requirements. The result was a state-of-the-art conference center with a 98” Planar LED-backlit flat panel display with four times the resolution and pixel density of comparably sized full HD displays and interactive capability . That means no detail is missed. A Crestron digital media system enhanced with Cisco teleconference and collaboration tools delivers unrivaled meeting abilities. System Designer and Project Manager Jesse Miller once again made sure expectations were exceeded.


Boeing, Miami, FL

In 2013, Boeing unveiled its Dreamliner 787 fleet. The new aircraft seats up to 290 passengers and has a host of new features including using 20% less fuel than other airplanes of its size. Boeing is building 10 Dreamliners a month, and has increased its production rate three times in just over a year.

In 2013, Boeing unveiled its Dreamliner 787 fleet. The new aircraft seats up to 290 passengers and has a host of new features including using 20% less fuel than other airplanes of its size. Boeing is building 10 Dreamliners a month, and has increased its production rate three times in just over a year. The Dreamliners are assembled in Everett, Washington and North Charleston, South Carolina. Pilots and mechanics for the new planes are trained at the Boeing Flight Services Center’s Miami campus, Boeing’s largest training facility. This 134,000 square foot facility is the model training campus for Boeing in the Americas. The 787 training suites will be as ground-breaking as the aircraft complete with full flight simulators.

Midtown Video, Miami’s long-standing high-end design and installation specialists was chosen to configure, outfit, and integrate the four training suites. One of the main challenges was making sure that all of the training components interacted seamlessly with Boeing’s flight simulators. “The Dreamliner project required the most knowledgeable digital video and systems integration experts,” says David Mermell, project coordinator for Midtown Video. “We were flattered to be given this challenging assignment.” Midtown’s six person team exceeded their client’s expectation. Cameron Forrest who reviewed the project when done said, “Midtown provided the cleanest programming of any system we’ve ever seen.”

Equipment for the project included:

CRESTON® 3-Series Control System ® with infiNET EX® wireless technology featuring the 3-Series® control engine. Fiber optic IO cards enable the system to take advantage of fiber optic cabling. The MC3 networks, manages and controls technology in fundamentally new ways and made it possible to integrate all of the disparate technologies throughout the facility.

CRESTRON® Digital Media MD8x8 switcher provided the foundation for a complete system delivering true high-definition multi-room AV signal routing. This is the first truly complete HD audio visual distribution system, and takes HDMI to a higher level than ever before. The system was programmed to interface with all Boeing’s training components for a complete high-end integrated solution.

Sony HD projectors, JBL speakers and other accessories completed this sophisticated installation.

Quirky, New York, New York

Title for the Longshot: New York: Quirky studio for the “eval” panel and live audience during the weekly show.

New York: Quirky studio for the “eval” panel and live audience during the weekly show.

Quirky is an online invention platform that connects major corporations with great ideas from a community of over one million inventors. Video is a big part of that interaction, both as a tool for their inventors to show their ideas and for the company to illustrate its process.

Every week, Quirky live streams new products in the pipeline and offers a chance to evaluate them in real time.  An 8-person panel and a studio audience of 100+ with 20,000 more watching online help decide which ideas becomes a reality. And that’s where Midtown comes in. Quirky visionary Josh Wright asked us to visit in New York to discuss setting up the new studio.

Midtown Video provided 8 cameras, lighting, audio, and live streaming capability for the Quirky television studio.

Midtown Video provided 8 cameras, lighting, audio, and live streaming capability for the Quirky television studio.

The Quirky group liked what Jesse Miller, System Designer and Project Manager, had in mind. The Midtown team was called in to build the eight-camera production studio taking into consideration audio, lighting and cameras. Putting on a live show means no margin for error, and live remote interviews add their own challenges. No worries, our streamlined process and experienced team assured a mistake-proof project. The installation included robotic cameras, in-dash studio wireless cameras, remote wireless bonded cellular cameras and remote interview systems.

Josh proclaimed us “amazing” and added “We love Midtown”.  The feeling is mutual! This was a challenging and fun project, and we can enjoy the results every Wednesday night when the show streams.