FIU Student Center, Coral Gables, FL

The College of Business Administration at Florida International University has the latest technology for communicating financial news and upcoming events to their students. Midtown Video designed and installed a LAN
controlled NEC – 9 monitor video wall inside the entrance of the Office Depot Student Center.

The video feed is supplied via fiber from the College of Business audio visual control room to the Student Center and the system is equipped with calibration software to achieve exact color space for each individual monitor. The wall continually displays upcoming events, special classes, promotions, real time Wall Street information and stock market reports, as well as other financial news.

The video wall was installed by Midtown’s in house systems integration team on time and in budget. U.S. News & World Report’s ” America’s Best Colleges” ranked the College of Business Administration at FIU undergraduate international business programs #15 in the nation.

Island Luck, Nassau, Bahamas

Lights, Camera, Quick Draw!



Midtown Video installed a new television studio for Island Luck, one of the largest gaming companies in the Bahamas.  Island Luck’s goal was to create a live three-ball Quick Draw game show on their own HD TV channel, ILTV Studio.  With a lot of knowledge and a bit of luck on their side, Midtown Video’s team used its versatility and technical expertise to turn Island Luck’s vision into a reality!

The project involved creating a 30-foot set with specialized lighting.  The main equipment purchased was a NewTek TriCaster 8000, a robust multi-camera video switcher, audio mixer, and so much more with live streaming capability; a combination of Sony Robotic Cameras and Sony Handheld/Studio Cameras, as well as Chauvet Lighting.  Island Luck, with Midtown Video’s assistance, chose Fresnels and Ellipsoidals from Chauvet’s Ovation line.  With three on-set screens built into the design, Island Luck wanted to have total control over set lighting.


To complete the installation, our team ran cables through multifaceted building structures, customized a neat rack, and engineered audio and video workflow until the system was perfect.  All signals are routable through an AJA KUMO router, giving the system the flexibility to assign different signals to on-set screens.

Our team coordinated its efforts with several contractors, including construction crews, a set design company, and Island Luck’s own management team.  With a one-week deadline, we managed all of the moving pieces seamlessly to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

Island Luck showed our crew exceptional hospitality during their time in the Bahamas, and we appreciate the extra efforts they took to help us arrange travel logistics.  Bahamian hospitality is alive and well at Island Luck!  And the island’s first televised three-ball Quick Draw game is now live, too!

Lennar, Doral, Florida


Planar 9850-ERO

Lennar, headquartered in Florida, is one of the nation’s leading homebuilders with communities in eighteen U.S. markets. With such a large footprint, having a top tier conferencing suite was in order. We’ve worked with Lennar many times in the past, including installing video monitoring in their Network Operations Center. So when they were ready to upgrade their teleconferencing and collaborationabilities, they called us.

The newly renovated wing of Lennar corporate headquarters has a suite of four conference rooms. Account executive Chari Hill toured the offices with Charles Jewett, I.S. Manager to map out the upgrade strategy including equipment needed, room design and installation requirements. The result was a state-of-the-art conference center with a 98” Planar LED-backlit flat panel display with four times the resolution and pixel density of comparably sized full HD displays and interactive capability . That means no detail is missed. A Crestron digital media system enhanced with Cisco teleconference and collaboration tools delivers unrivaled meeting abilities. System Designer and Project Manager Jesse Miller once again made sure expectations were exceeded.


Jackson Health System, Miami, FL

Boeing, Miami, FL

In 2013, Boeing unveiled its Dreamliner 787 fleet. The new aircraft seats up to 290 passengers and has a host of new features including using 20% less fuel than other airplanes of its size. Boeing is building 10 Dreamliners a month, and has increased its production rate three times in just over a year.

In 2013, Boeing unveiled its Dreamliner 787 fleet. The new aircraft seats up to 290 passengers and has a host of new features including using 20% less fuel than other airplanes of its size. Boeing is building 10 Dreamliners a month, and has increased its production rate three times in just over a year. The Dreamliners are assembled in Everett, Washington and North Charleston, South Carolina. Pilots and mechanics for the new planes are trained at the Boeing Flight Services Center’s Miami campus, Boeing’s largest training facility. This 134,000 square foot facility is the model training campus for Boeing in the Americas. The 787 training suites will be as ground-breaking as the aircraft complete with full flight simulators.

Midtown Video, Miami’s long-standing high-end design and installation specialists was chosen to configure, outfit, and integrate the four training suites. One of the main challenges was making sure that all of the training components interacted seamlessly with Boeing’s flight simulators. “The Dreamliner project required the most knowledgeable digital video and systems integration experts,” says David Mermell, project coordinator for Midtown Video. “We were flattered to be given this challenging assignment.” Midtown’s six person team exceeded their client’s expectation. Cameron Forrest who reviewed the project when done said, “Midtown provided the cleanest programming of any system we’ve ever seen.”

Equipment for the project included:

CRESTON® 3-Series Control System ® with infiNET EX® wireless technology featuring the 3-Series® control engine. Fiber optic IO cards enable the system to take advantage of fiber optic cabling. The MC3 networks, manages and controls technology in fundamentally new ways and made it possible to integrate all of the disparate technologies throughout the facility.

CRESTRON® Digital Media MD8x8 switcher provided the foundation for a complete system delivering true high-definition multi-room AV signal routing. This is the first truly complete HD audio visual distribution system, and takes HDMI to a higher level than ever before. The system was programmed to interface with all Boeing’s training components for a complete high-end integrated solution.

Sony HD projectors, JBL speakers and other accessories completed this sophisticated installation.

Comunidad de Fe Ministries, Miami, FL

Miami, Florida – Comunidad de Fe Ministries has embraced technology with enthusiasm in order to spread their spiritual message. They had an ambitious goal to produce state of the art digital programming and play it throughout their campus.

They embarked on a three-part plan: upgrading the church’s television facilities to high definition, upgrading their CCTV system and monitors to handle HD signals, and training twenty church volunteers to operate the new system.

The Midtown Video team evaluated the existing equipment and suggested the church add a Sony MCS8M multi-format switcher to mix computer signals from their presentation software and a variety of media playback. The switcher takes DVI, HDMI, and HDSDI so they can mix many incoming sources during their live shows. The Panasonic HPX370 HD studio cameras work well with the Panasonic AWHE120 PTZ camera that can be controlled remotely. The system uses an AJA Ki Pro recorder to capture the live program signal in a ready to edit codec and a Contemporary Research QMOD-SDI Modulator distributes the live HD feed or edited program over RF cable to every HD monitor in the CCTV system. Midtown created a mini cable channel for the facility.

After installing the new gear, Midtown did a comprehensive reconfiguration of cameras and lighting to enhance the viewers experience throughout the campus including the lobby and bookstore and trained the volunteers. The leaders know they can turn to Midtown when new volunteers come on board and questions arise, that is the advantage of working with a company that has been serving the production community since 1984.

VISTA Worldlink, Dania Beach, Florida


VISTA Worldlink is a global leader in transmission services offering satellite, mobile and fixed uplinks, fiber optics and streaming services. Co-located with their production arm Stirling Studios, they deliver cutting edge creative and production capabilities. As a major media solutions company, it was important to them to build and develop their own master control room and Midtown Video was uniquely qualified to make this happen.

Although VISTA was always able to monitor their client’s feeds in their facility, they wanted to bring all signals in and out of one unified location. With technology outdating rapidly, it was important to create a suite that is ahead of the curve today with components that can grow as technology evolves. Joshua Liemer, VISTA Worldlink’s Vice President states, “It was imperative to enhance our gold standard customer service by investing in a state-of-the-art master control facility that provides flexibility. Our service offerings continue to evolve as technology changes, making it necessary to coordinate a variety of broadcast services from satellite distribution, fiber optics and Internet Broadcasting. CEO Roy Liemer likes to call our facility a virtual MCR, because we embrace IP connectivity and our team can control all the equipment within a central location, from the comfort of our coordinators work stations or remotely on-site at a production.” The MCR bridges the traditional service offerings with Internet broadcasting and digital archiving solutions. Building the best facility and maintaining cost was one of VISTA’s goals.

vista2After reviewing the existing master control setup with Midtown’s sales representative Chari Hill, VISTA’s Director of Technical Operations chose a 288×288 Blackmagic router and Solid State Drives for recording in 15 Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studios. They also added a NewTek TriCaster switcher with live streaming capability and Decimator SDI Quad Splitters for viewing along with monitors, converters, and peripheral gear to enhance system stability and redundancy.

Delivering world-class customer service to the sports, entertainment, news, corporate, religious, government and PR industries is a daunting task. How good is VISTA Worldlink? Good enough to internationally distribute all Major League Soccer games and transmit from World Cup in Brazil. They provided multi-camera production services packaged with mobile uplink trucks and international space segment along with offering live shot positions from all 12-host cities throughout Brazil for foreign broadcasters. All services were monitored and coordinated on-site by VISTA’s Major Events Department and remotely by VISTA’s team located within the comfort of their new Master Control Room. Midtown Video was thrilled to be part of the excitement. See what it takes to bring World Cup soccer from Brazil to your living room here:

vista3Midtown and VISTA have a lot in common. Both are family owned, have a long history, place a very high value on relationships and supporting their community, and never lose focus on providing unsurpassed customer service. These shared values made the project especially meaningful to both companies. “It was incredibly rewarding to work with such terrific, dedicated people. The VISTA production facility is so impressive, and I’m proud that we were able to meet their high standards”, says Debby Miller, Executive Vice President of Midtown Video.

Thanks to an amazing team effort, VISTA Worldlink now offers the services of a comprehensive Master Control Operation manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Quirky, New York, New York

Title for the Longshot: New York: Quirky studio for the “eval” panel and live audience during the weekly show.

New York: Quirky studio for the “eval” panel and live audience during the weekly show.

Quirky is an online invention platform that connects major corporations with great ideas from a community of over one million inventors. Video is a big part of that interaction, both as a tool for their inventors to show their ideas and for the company to illustrate its process.

Every week, Quirky live streams new products in the pipeline and offers a chance to evaluate them in real time.  An 8-person panel and a studio audience of 100+ with 20,000 more watching online help decide which ideas becomes a reality. And that’s where Midtown comes in. Quirky visionary Josh Wright asked us to visit in New York to discuss setting up the new studio.

Midtown Video provided 8 cameras, lighting, audio, and live streaming capability for the Quirky television studio.

Midtown Video provided 8 cameras, lighting, audio, and live streaming capability for the Quirky television studio.

The Quirky group liked what Jesse Miller, System Designer and Project Manager, had in mind. The Midtown team was called in to build the eight-camera production studio taking into consideration audio, lighting and cameras. Putting on a live show means no margin for error, and live remote interviews add their own challenges. No worries, our streamlined process and experienced team assured a mistake-proof project. The installation included robotic cameras, in-dash studio wireless cameras, remote wireless bonded cellular cameras and remote interview systems.

Josh proclaimed us “amazing” and added “We love Midtown”.  The feeling is mutual! This was a challenging and fun project, and we can enjoy the results every Wednesday night when the show streams.

University of Miami School of Architecture, Coral Gables, FL

The University of Miami School of Architecture needed a new projector and an upgraded Crestron program to operate their AV/IT system in this spectacular auditorium.

Midtown Video installed a 10,600 Lumens projector, reprogrammed the Crestron to control the entire audio and video system from the teaching lectern, and rebuilt their solid wood customized podium to house a computer monitor, Crestron touch panel, and other A/V equipment. The Midtown team worked closely with the faculty to maintain the integrity of the building design without compromising the quality of the state-of the art multimedia system.

University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Key Biscayne, FL

Longtime client Mike Anderson, Director of Information Technology at the University of Miami had already worked on several projects with the Midtown Video team when he contacted Midtown’s Account Executive, Chari Hill inquiring about Planar’s Clarity Matrix MultiTouch video wall system. He thought the School of Marine and Atmospheric Science of the University of Miami on Key Biscayne would benefit from Google Maps and all of the other amazing features available in this large format, interactive solution.

Hill contacted Planar asking for an evaluation unit and was told that although none existed in the local market, there was a system in place at Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando. Hill learned that they had a Clarity Matrix video wall in a sports bar, but not with the touch feature. Anderson and Hill both spoke with Tim Soukup, Broadcast Engineer/Video Specialist at Walt Disney World who was more than happy to sing the praises about the beauty and ease of his Clarity Matrix video wall.

 After learning that the Clarity Matrix is an ultra-thin bezel LCD media wall system that delivers outstanding visual performance Anderson decided to go ahead with the installation and the results are remarkable. The bright picture and quality image from the video wall is simply stunning. Originally designed as a 3×2 video wall, the school’s finished product is a 3×3 wall using a Planar Clarity Matrix LX with an ERO 46 inch LCD. The high impact interactive display is ideal for public spaces or collaborative environments allowing for Multi-user, multi-touch, up to 32 touch points. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.