Odyssey 7 (non-q) now shipping, best on-camera monitor out there!

The Odyssey 7 is finally in stock, which is a stripped-down, more affordable version of the Odyssey 7Q.  At only $1295, this 7.7″ OLED monitor is perhaps the best investment you can make for on-camera monitoring.  It is extremely light, and won’t put much stress on your mounting arms.  It can be powered by Sony […]

Why I love the NAB

If it is spring, it must be time to go to Las Vegas for the NAB Extravaganza. Nothing psyches me up like what I see in the miles of convention space filled with the highest tech, most innovative gear that could not have been dreamed up nor imagined when I started my career as a […]

Canon Announces 2/3″-Style Servo-Zoom Lenses for PL and EF Mount Cameras

Well, they’ve finally done it.  Just 2 short years after competitor Fujinon released the Cabrio series of servo-zoom PL lenses, Canon responds with their own models.  Extra credit: these bad boys can service PL mount AND EF cameras.  The new lenses have electronic contacts to interface with the Cooke /i terminals, and also a 12 […]

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